Science Fiction London

We meet on the first Saturday of the month at 1:30 PM Eastern Time to discuss the selected topic, which could be a science fiction book, short story, movie, TV show, or theme. Detailed information on topic selection, meeting times and locations can be found on the meetings page.

Our upcoming topics

June 3, 2023


directed by Neil Blomkamp

Presented by Mark A.

Set in the not-too-distant future, many of the world's elite live on Elysium, an orbiting space station that circles the Earth. Life on Elysium is luxurious; among the amenities, there are Med-Bays, machines that can cure people. Back on Earth, Max Da Costa, a parolee who is working in a factory, is exposed to radiation and has days left to live. He joins forces with Spider, who is a hacker and leads a gang of well-armed, organized criminals -- to go to Elysium.

Availability We will watch the movie at the meeting in the library unless circumstances change. For those who want to watch at home DVDs are available from the London Public Library or it can be streamed, purchased or rented.

Topic selection for March 2023 to August 2023 will also be decided at this meeting. Please use the Topic Proposal form to submit an idea.

July 8, 2023


by Marina J. Lostetter

Presented by Josie D.

With nods to Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama series and the real science of Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves, a touch of Hugh Howey’s Wool, and echoes of Octavia Butler’s voice, a powerful tale of space travel, adventure, discovery, and humanity that unfolds through a series of generational vignettes. In 2088, humankind is at last ready to explore beyond Earth’s solar system. But one uncertainty remains: Where do we go? Astrophysicist Reggie Straifer has an idea. He’s discovered an anomalous star that appears to defy the laws of physics, and proposes the creation of a deep-space mission to find out whether the star is a weird natural phenomenon, or something manufactured.

Availability Available from the London Public Library or from book stores e.g. Chapters/Indigo or Amazon or local used book shops.

August 5, 2023


by Emma Newman

Presented by Mark A.

From Emma Newman, the award-nominated author of Between Two Thorns, comes a novel of how one secret withheld to protect humanity’s future might be its undoing… Renata Ghali believed in Lee Suh-Mi’s vision of a world far beyond Earth, calling to humanity. A planet promising to reveal the truth about our place in the cosmos, untainted by overpopulation, pollution, and war. Ren believed in that vision enough to give up everything to follow Suh-Mi into the unknown. More than twenty-two years have passed since Ren and the rest of the faithful braved the starry abyss and established a colony at the base of an enigmatic alien structure where Suh-Mi has since resided, alone. All that time, Ren has worked hard as the colony’s 3-D printer engineer, creating the tools necessary for human survival in an alien environment, and harboring a devastating secret. Ren continues to perpetuate the lie forming the foundation of the colony for the good of her fellow colonists, despite the personal cost. Then a stranger appears, far too young to have been part of the first planetfall, a man who bears a remarkable resemblance to Suh-Mi. The truth Ren has concealed since planetfall can no longer be hidden. And its revelation might tear the colony apart…

Availability Available from the London Public Library or from book stores e.g. Chapters/Indigo or Amazon or local used book shops.