About Us

The club has been meeting monthly since 1980. SFL evolved out of an earlier club called Star Trek Ontario, founded in 1980 by a group of Star Trek fans. The inaugural meeting of Star Trek Ontario was March 17, 1980. The club’s first seven years are chronicled in “Understanding Reality or Bust”. A few private copies exist among the senior members of the club and could possibly be borrowed from them.

The focus of SFL is the monthly meeting on the first Saturday of the month. Each meeting is typically a discussion of a book, film, or theme within the realm of science fiction or fantasy. The discussion is led by one or two people, who have prepared materials and questions about the topic in advance of the meeting. The meetings are open to everyone and are held at the Central Branch of the London Public Library. Detailed information on meeting times and locations can be found on the meetings page.

Occasionally the group has social events like movie nights, barbecues, and potlucks.

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Dinner with Robert J. Sawyer & Robert Charles Wilson

On May 3, 2005, Robert J. Sawyer and Robert Charles Wilson were in London for a book promotion tour and suggested a dinner get together with club members before a book signing event at Chapters.