SFL meets at the Central Branch of the London Public Library. We are currently scheduled for the Friends of the London Public Library Boardroom, which is located on the third floor, near the London Room. To join us please go to the third floor and ask a librarian to show you where the boardroom is located. For those who prefer to join online, a Zoom link will be sent out on Saturday, closer to the meeting time. Please contact us about participating remotely in a monthly meeting.


SFL meets on the first Saturday of every month, even when that is a long weekend. However, if the first Saturday of the month is a statutory holiday, like New Year’s Day or Canada Day, the library is closed so we defer the meeting to the second Saturday of the month. Meetings begin at 1:30 PM and usually end by 4:30 PM.


Typically, the topics are books or movies from the Science Fiction or Fantasy genres. Occasionally the subject of the meeting is a theme, for example “The Future of Space Travel” or “Science Fiction as Prophecy”.  Topics for meetings are chosen during the June and December monthly meetings. At the June meeting topics are selected for the following September through February and at the December meeting for the following March through August. 

People proposing a meeting topic should have some recent familiarity with the subject that they are proposing. Topic proposals should be submitted a few days in advance of the topic selection meeting to enable everyone to review the suggestions before the meeting. At the meeting, each person who has proposed a topic briefly presents a synopsis of the subject and why it would be an interesting topic. Each topic needs to have a presenter, be available and preferably not have been presented recently.

Topics can be submitted using the form on the Topic Proposal page.

Licensing for Film Topics Presented in the Library

The London Public Library has a licensing agreement with ACF. We can only show films and programs which are covered by the Library's agreement with this company. Use the ACF search page using the title of the film and if ACF licenses that film then it can be shown at the library. NB if the film/program is owned by HBO or KinoSmith then Science Fiction London would have to pay an additional fee to show it, which is not in our budget. Also, the London Public Library requires that Science Fiction London admit people of every age to its programs so please consider the film content information.